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How do we accomplish 99.99% uptime of your systems?

We start by fully understanding your application and infrastructure as a service. Next, we optimize your environment from the bottom-up. Finally, we use our Application Outage Avoidance process to highlight issues before they become fatal.

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How do we optimize your environment?

We evaluate the cause of the failures and design a custom plan to address the core issues.

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What is Application Outage Avoidance?

We interconnect and tie together all network devices. Then, based on our vast experience, design a series of protocols that, when executed, will avoid infrastructure computing outages.

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What are Core Issues?

No two clients are the same, but typically failures occur when resources are insufficient, improperly configured, or incorrectly designed. For more details click here for our whitepaper on the common Data Center Companies Management mistakes.

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Is this a cloud or on-premise service?

We follow the failures, our work is to bring stability and durability to the environment, regardless of where the applications are running. In private cloud software providers such Azure, Amazon’s AWS or on-premise.

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How do you bring stability and durability to my systems?

Our company is team structured; we have on staff programmers, engineers, designers, and server experts who study the causes of the failures to understand the pattern and find the root cause. We provide unmatched cloud data center security.

Data Center Management brings an exceptional level of durability, expandability, and availability not because of better hardware, but because we understand the entire process of application support.

Data Center Management and Hosting Solution

Top Mistakes Organizations make in Data Centers


Outages can happen at any time! Proactive monitoring allows our remote technicians to be like on-site technicians. Checking systems at all times, conducting daily maintenance to address any issues, close up any vulnerabilities, and ensure any action is quickly taken if any issues arrive before a future incident can happen.


Proactive monitoring protects against unanticipated spikes in network bandwidth and power consumption. We implement proactive measures to limit downtime, use our intelligent platforms as a service which predict power spikes and traffic to better optimize the timing of maintenance efforts.


Since we manage your environment from end to end, we take complete accountability for its stability and uptime.


We focus on bringing stability to your environment as a premier cloud managed services provider so that you can stop reputational damage and focus on your core business.

This is a company that will do whatever it takes so your bottom line can improve. To get us up to par and to straighten out our issues, Protected Harbor technicians spent almost 72 hours here! And because they work with other schools, they are able to guide us and tell us to do what’s best for the students which is invaluable.



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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS outlines whether or not customers will recommend Protected Harbor to a colleague.
The scores range from -100 to +100.
We achieved a 90 with our customers.
For comparison, Apple’s NPS score in 2017 was a 72.



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