Tired of high cloud bills?

Discussing charts and graphs

Did your application move to the cloud and now your hosting bills have doubled, tripled, or worse?  Cloud vendors charge for resources, all resources.  We are a cloud vendor as well; the difference is that we charge based on the entire collection of servers.  This one approach results in huge savings for clients. The savings occur because one busy server doesn’t result in an overage cost.  If a server for an hour is processing some additional work but the other servers don’t change then the increase in the entire pool is negligible resulting in NO ADDITIONAL COST.

No additional communications cost.

We also do not charge for the internal server-to-server communication costs.  Cloud vendors charge for communications costs, internal server to server communications, and client communication external of the data center.  All of this results in unexpected additional invoices.

Cloud Migration Costs

Are your migration projects dragging on, resulting in projects that seem to extend forever with no end in sight?  Migration delays are caused by a lack of understanding of the task.  If moving an application, what is interconnected to that application, how to clients connect to the application, what does the application need to run properly?  Migration delays occur because of poor planning, inexperience, or a dependency on automated tools instead of understanding the core issues.